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Warning #1
This code does not compile. I had to remove a bunch of ancillary functionality based on FFTW, BMGLib, and support for the Matlab Engine. I could get this working in about a week... if I had time to remove all the ancillary code. Message me if you need help.

Warning #2
This code is ugly. I wrote it by myself in grad school while I had lots of other responsibilities.

Project Description
ObjectParser is a Windows Form application. It was used to segment images and to generate a "ground-truth database" of hand-segmented leaves, as shown here:

Vision scientists were then able to create assets using a process of Data Centered Engineering.

This code was written by A. David Ing for use by vision scientists at the Center for Perceptual Systems at the University of Texas in Austin.

Additional material can be found here:

Create high-quality segmentations using polygons to define surface boundaries.

Adjacent polygons can share the same vertices where occlusions and foreground-background relationships can be defined.

Surface contours can be traced and categorized (e.g. as surface markings, pigment changes, sharp shadow boundaries).

The segmentation data is saved as markup based on XML.


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